What is Nerds' Kitchen

It's more than usual culinary blog - our mission is to attract the attention to culinary elements in video games, as well as creating real-life recipes for video game food coherent with a given virtual universe

Anita "Deer"

Recipes and texts
Founder of the blog, author of the recipes and texts. Self-taught cook and picky gourmand. Crazy about finding food elements in video games, researching their role and importance in immersion of virtual universes. By profession - game designer in Doji studio in Poznań, after hours - board member of "Poznań Gamers' Guild" association. .

Favourite food: dumplings of various kind, bacon, fries and mayonnaise in bulk
Cooking philosophy: good quality ingredients, a little bit of technique and love for it
Favourite games: 1. BIOSHOCK 2. Dishonored 3. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Photos and scenography
Camera stands for her third eye, while her attention to details in visual arrangements is exceptional. Book lover and fantasy freak, she loves Tolkien's work and she knows everything about Witcher's universe. Deeply interested in Slavic culture. In the free time - reviewer of heavy tomes crowded on her bookshelves.


Video and editing
Manager and video guy in one. Beside hunting for the perfect camera shots, he also takes care of final quality tests of our food. Serious game producer by profession, founder of Doji studio with the special place for indie productions in his heart. Member of "Poznań Gamers' Guild" association.
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